Sustainable Vision,
Premium Quality

We produce, process, and export salmonids in a sustainable manner with the highest quality, matching the needs of our customers and the new requirements of the main global markets.

About Us

We work together
in harmony with the environment

Salmones Austral is a Chilean capital company resulting from the merge of Trusal S.A., Salmones Pacific Star S.A. and Comsur Ltda., consolidating more than 25 years of experience in salmon breeding and processing.

These years have been essential to our positioning in different markets worldwide with our products, which are the Atlantic and Coho Salmon, allowing us to ensure a product of excellence, up to the highest demands of our customers and the new requirements of the markets.

Our headquarters are based in the city of Puerto Montt and our fattening centers are located in the pure waters of southern Chile.

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Salmones Austral is a company oriented to satisfy the needs of the main world markets and it’s new requirements. We have the facilities and the team, allowing us to develop a wide range of products and meet our customer’s demands effectively and efficiently.

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Feeding Centers

Salmones Austral has about 30 Centers divided in fresh water and saltwater facilities, located in the regions of Maule, Biobío, Araucanía and Los Lagos. This allows us to assure the quality of the product in all its stages, taking care of the sustainability of the process in the entire productive chain.

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Processing Plants

We have two processing plants located in the Los Lagos district, specifically near Puerto Montt and in Chiloé Island, giving us versatility in the processes and deliveries, therefore speeding up the distribution to our clients in a timely and efficient manner.

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