Salmón Chile

SalmónChile is formed by 48 partners of local and multinational companies, out of which 10 are producers and/or exporters; 9 are fish farms and egg producers, and 29 are suppliers of the sector, such as laboratories, feeding plants, drugs, logistic and equipment services, transportation, packaging and veterinaries, among others.

For 35 years, the Association has worked to join the main producing and supplying companies of Atlantic salmon, Coho and Trout, in the sanitary, environmental, regulatory, social and economic challenges of the sector, both locally and internationally, placing sustainability and relationships with communities as main drivers of its work.

We are present in the regions of La Araucanía, Los Lagos, including the Chiloé Island and Aysén.

Global Salmon Iniciative

Global Salmon Initiative (GSI) is a leadership initiative established by important general directors worldwide that share the vision of offering a healthy and sustainable source of protein to feed a growing population, and at the same time, minimize the environmental footprint and continue improving its social contribution.

GSI associated members are organizations with a common interest in the continuous growing and prosperity of the salmon farmed industry, together with a shared commitment of improving the sector’s sustainability. Associated members work close with GSI members in specific projects where shared knowledge and collaborated work will support an accelerated progress.