Our History

Salmones Austral was originated by the merger of Trusal S.A., Salmones Pacific Star S.A. and Comsur Ltda., recognized companies with a broad track record and experience in aquaculture.

Salmones Pacific Star, created in 1985, is considered one of the pioneering companies in the region. Its founders, Martín Rosas Covarrubias and Pedro Hurtado Vicuña, initiated its works in the sector of San Antonio, Quellón, Chiloé Island, where the first fish farm was installed and then setting up in 1998 the Quellón Processing Plan, as their main plant. Likewise, in 2004, the company opened its first Sea Center in the Gulf of Corcovado, being one of the pioneers in locating its operations in a zone extensively exposed to climate conditions, creating the first concepts of offshore farming.

On the other hand, the company Trusal S.A., created in 1988 with the staring of its operations mainly in the Reloncaví Estuary located between Ralún and Canutillar, is considered as one of the pioneering companies in terms of egg self-supply, becoming suppliers of eggs, fry and smolts to other salmon companies. One of the major operational and infrastructure changes occurred in 2000 with the creation of the Comsur Ltda. Processing Plant in Puerto Montt, since such plant, currently our Chamiza Plant, allowed to satisfy the requirements not only of Trusal S.A., but also of other companies to which it provided maquila services.

Some milestones since our merger:

On May 20, 2013, Salmones Austral is originated as a holding created by the merger of the companies Trusal S.A., Salmones Pacific Star S.A. and Comsur Ltda., all with a broad aquaculture experience.

Salmones Austral was strongly impacted by the algae bloom that affected the Puerto Montt area. Due to the important biomass loss occurred in this year the prices improved, which contributed to its financial situation. This forced the implementation of microalgae mitigation systems in all of its centers, which are unique in Chile.

Investment in La Tabilla fish farm, going from open flow to reuse, allowing decreasing water consumption, which made it much more sustainable.

PEX Operational Excellence Program (TPM) is implemented, opening its first pilot in Bajos Lami fish farming center.

The construction project of Los Arrayanes Fish Farm starts.
The securities registration process starts, to obtain the authorization from the Commission for the Financial Market (CMF, Spanish acronym) which will allow operating in the Santiago Stock Exchange.

A worldwide pandemic is declared, which constituted a major challenge for the operation; price drop, borders and markets closing, strong investment in Human Resources and transportation.
Despite the above, the harvest levels were maintained, reaching 47,908 tons and allowing the continuity of the 2020-2023 investment strategic plan.

Salmones Austral reaffirms its commitment with a sustainable and inclusive industry, respectful with its environment, one year away from launching its Sustainability, Territorial Relations Strategy and signing the Gender Equality Decalogue.

10 years of our merger!
10 years of growth and development, of continuing working and pushing our business with love and commitment.