It is the name of the Continuous Improvement Program within the company. It indicates us the method with which we manage our daily activities in order to maximize the generation of value in our processes through, among other things, the reduction of losses and the development of our people’s skills.

Key principles:

  • Prevention: Reduce or eliminate the forced damage of equipment and processes.
  • 0 losses: It aims at zero losses, zero defects, zero waste, zero accidents, 100% compliance.
  • Alignment: Achieve a Company committed with the vision, mission and goals of the company at all levels.

Scope of the implementation:

The success of our program depends on the participation of our collaborators. Due to that, the excellence program help us to:

  • Develop them in terms of work and professionally.
  • Open communication channels to understand and value each of their roles.
  • See their main problems as learning opportunities.
  • Add the contribution of each of them to the achievement of the company’s goals.
  • Recognize their role in the change.
  • Improve the management of their processes and work places.

Currently, the program implementation is going forward in all the value chain in different processes of the Fresh Water, Sea Water Farming centers and Processing Plants.