Fiordo Austral chooses the winners of the Microstory Contest in southern Chile
Published on: 21 November 2023

The company rewards the cultural and literary impact of more than 750 girls and boys in the competition that promotes youth talent in the Los Lagos region.

More than 750 stories captivated the hearts of literature lovers in the second version of the Microstory Literary Contest of Southern Chile, an outstanding initiative organized by Fiordo Austral together with various companies in the salmon industry.

The exciting awards ceremony, held on Thursday, November 16 in the Aula Magna of the University of Los Lagos, Chinquihue campus, revealed the talented winners selected by a jury made up of writers, authorities and members of the different salmon companies.

In an ambitious move, the call for this edition was extended to 21 communes in the Los Lagos region, achieving massive participation that significantly exceeded the previous year’s figure. The competition, aligned with the UN Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) for Quality Education, has the main objective of stimulating creativity and short-form narrative skills among young people.

The texts received masterfully explored topics related to the benefits, culture, geography and traditions of southern Chile, reflecting the commitment and enthusiasm of the participants to share their unique and vibrant stories.

«The work of Fiordo Austral to promote reading, writing, and communication in students in our Los Lagos region is fundamental because the task of strengthening and reactivating learning is something that we push from the Ministry of Education as a secretariat, but that needs the support of the entire community. Not only from public institutions, but also from the private world, a world that has a role to play and that in the case of Fiordo Austral I think is reflected very well,” said the Seremi of Education, Los Lagos region. , Daniela Carvacho.

The awards ceremony, which began at 3 p.m., highlighted fifteen students in three categories:

Category Chucao:

First place: Amaral Guichapae Becerra with “The dark and mysterious bird” (5th grade, Detif de Puqueldón rural school).

Second place: Gaspar Astorga Gonzalez with “El Viejo Alerce” (6th grade, Ilque de Puerto Montt rural school).

Third place: Maximiliano Pérez Vidal with “El lobito” (6th grade, San Juan de Ancud school).

Honorable mentions: Javier Mansilla Hernández with “El Chucao” (6th grade, Peninsular Ayacara high school in Chaitén) and Matías Cárdenas Vásquez with “Un Chucao intelligent” (5th grade, El Dao rural school in Calbuco).

Kingfisher Category:

First place: Esteban Meneses Cárdenas with “The mysterious Hueico lagoon” (7th grade, Mirta Oyarzo school in Rilan de Castro).

Second place: Estefanía Mansilla Barría with “Pescadores de Nacimiento” (8th grade, Creación de Puerto Montt school).

Third place: Jairo Soto Almonacid with “The Treasure of the Land” (7th grade, Isla Tabón de Calbuco rural school).

Honorable mentions: Elizabeth Uribe Cárdenas with “El Martín Salvador” (7th grade, Marcelo Guenteo Solis Rural Artistic School in Quellón) and Amaru Poblete Pinto with “Las Papas de Antonio” (7th grade, Pedro Velasquez Bontes de Castro School).

Bandurria Category:

First place: André Xanti with “Kalkutun” (2nd grade, San Crescente de Castro educational complex).

Second place: Gloria Villegas Cárcamo with “The story of sky and oak” (4th grade, Conciliar Seminary of Ancud).

Third place: Franchesca Vásquez Agüero with “Paimún, in search of a home” (4th grade, Osorno Polytechnic Institute).

Honorable mentions: Paula Espinoza Palma with “1960” (1st grade, Creación de Puerto Montt school) and Geral Chicuy Aguilante with “Maybe there will always be a new rainbow” (2nd grade, Francisco Hernández Ortiz-Pizarro high school in Calbuco) .

In this edition, there was the valuable collaboration of AquaChile, Australis, Blumar, Caleta Bay, MarineFarm, Multi X, Salmones Antártica, Salmones Austral, Salmones de Chile and Ventisqueros, companies committed to promoting culture and art among young people.

«As a country we have to promote education and improve people’s training. Today we are celebrating the children in the 2nd Microstory Literary Contest of the South of Fiordo Austral because they are the inspiration, so that we continue to support the growth of education in our country. When a child receives an education, it impacts their future, their family, and the entire country. I believe that we all have to make the effort so that education in Chile is increasingly better, stronger and for everyone,” added the general manager of Fiordo Austral, Edgardo García.

Con iniciativas como el Concurso Literario Microcuentos del Sur de Chile, Fiordo Austral busca perpetuar y estimular la pasión por la literatura y la escritura en las nuevas generaciones, contribuyendo significativamente al enriquecimiento cultural en el sur de Chile.







Images: Austral Fjord