Industry commits to local aquaculture education
Published on: 18 April 2024

Companies collaborated in the provision of training spaces for professional technical students of the Calbuco Polytechnic High School.

As a result of the construction work on a new building for the Calbuco Polytechnic High School, third and fourth year students had to attend their classes in the premises of the Eugenio Goycolea School.

Under this scenario, the companies Cermaq, Salmones Austral, Multi The collaboration consisted of installing modular containers to enable a workshop, a laboratory and a dressing room within the educational establishment that houses them today.

The director of communities at SalmonChile, Felipe Díaz, highlighted that “Calbuco is a very relevant commune for salmon farming, not only because it has seawater farming centers, process plants, revaluation plants or ports, but also because it is fundamental for the production chain throughout the southern macrozone of the country. Furthermore, we have always had a good relationship with the high school, supporting its training, where its students have done internships in our productive sector, get to know the industry and prepare for job placement with a focus on salmon farming.”

In addition to the training space, the NGO Canales will develop a comprehensive support plan with the students, teachers and administrators of the Polytechnic High School.

The Head of Sustainability at Oxxean, Andrea Zincker, pointed out that, “we work on projects with aquaculture, with most of the large production companies, and it is important that we can contribute to young people, especially from island or coastal territories, “They have the opportunity to continue developing in connection with the coast, with the sea and with the natural resources that we have around us.”

For her part, the Human Resources Manager of Akva Group, Karina Bustos, said that “we are very happy, because this is a work that has been going on for a few months together with SalmonChile, which has been a fundamental pillar in this. where we are going to enhance the work of aquaculture, food processing and mechanics students.”