“Salmon Team” announces the 15 preselected athletes
Published on: 29 December 2023

The purpose of this initiative is that six athletes and para-athletes from the southernmost zone of the country can have access to a monthly grant to finance their competitions and be able to represent the country in the future. The final list will be announced during the first week of January.

As a resounding success, SalmonChile classifies the more than one hundred applications for its new “Salmon Team” initiative, a program that seeks to support six southern athletes so that they can represent the country in sports competitions in the future. On this occasion, fifteen preselected candidates met the requirements.

The preselected athletes are: Enrique Villalón (Karate); Amanda Cerna (Athletics); Geral Soto (Canoeing Slalom); Yarela González (Mountain bike); María Ignacia Jaña (Fencing); Claudia Gallardo (Taekwondo); Francisca Jara Galindo (Triathlon); Noel Muñoz (Judo); María Fernanda Cerda (Gymnastics); Diego Bustamante (Athletics); Nicolás Martín (Mountain bike); Benjamín Cárdenas (Athletics); Fernando Prieto (Mountain bike); Pedro Yañez (Paddle) and Nicolas Ponce (Jiu Jitsu).

The selection committee is made up of the national shot put record holder and Team Chile ambassador, Natalia Ducó; the head coach of Alemana Sport and founder of Club Nómades -who will also be part of the technical team of Salmon Team-, Eduardo Fuentes; and the director of Communications and Public Affairs of SalmonChile, José Joaquín Valdés.

“We are very happy for the more than one hundred applications submitted for this initiative that, without a doubt, seeks to empower young people who will be the future of national sport and who need support to achieve their goals. We have seen profiles of hard-working and talented people, who really want to be part of this team”, said Natalia Ducó.

On the other hand, the Director of Communications and Public Affairs of SalmonChile, José Joaquín Valdés, indicated that “it has been incredible to be able to learn stories of athletes who are part of the southernmost zone and who have even achieved to represent the country throughout the world. During the first week of January we will announce the final list, but it should be emphasized that we want this project to be long-term, so that those people who are not selected this time can apply the next years”.

Furthermore, the head coach of Salmon Team, Eduardo Fuentes, pointed out that: “I have been surprised by the level of preparation of applicants, who are training with all these conditions for their future competitions both nationally and internationally. We want to be part of this growth and that they can have all the help necessary to be the champions of tomorrow”.

Source: www.aqua.cl