SalmonChile close the year with more than 200 trained students
Published on: 8 January 2024

In total, 958 students have been certified over four years, with more than 48,568 Sence hours completed and from 15 educational establishments between the regions of Los Lagos and Aysén.

For four years now, SalmonChile, together with the NGO Canales and Otec Capital Humano, have been developing the program “Strengthening Skills in Professional Technical High Schools”. This program seeks to enhance the education of students in the southernmost zone of the country and has trained nearly a thousand students throughout its versions, in the professional technical specialties of Aquaculture and Industrial Food Processing.

During 2023, 225 students were certified in the programs, corresponding to ten educational establishments of ten municipal districts of the region of Los Lagos. The students received this business support through the Sence pre-contract modality, with classes both in person and online.

The territorial representative of SalmonChile in Chiloé, Pablo Moraga, said that “we are very proud as a salmon family to have been able to carry out a new version of this important program that we promote as a union, in which we seek to be a contribution for strengthening the training gap and sowing new knowledge for our students that are part of these territories. We appreciate the vital support of the salmon companies that for four years have given life to this initiative, where there are already close to a thousand people who have been part of these trainings, which makes us very happy.”

In total, 958 students have been certified, with more than 48,568 Sence hours completed and from 15 educational establishments, where the region of Aysén was also a part.

The regional director of Los Lagos of the NGO Canales, Catalina Salazar, indicated that “I would like to thank the contribution that everyone gives from its sector so that this can be carried out very successfully. This year, 226 students were enrolled, which speaks of a resounding success and where students can have this certification and leave with better skills and more strengthened for job placement purposes”.

It should be noted that the 2023 initiative has been carried out with the support of the companies Multi-X, Salmones Austral, Yadrán, Ventisqueros, Marine Farm, Cermaq, Salmofood (Vitapro), Mowi, Salmones de Chile and Salmones Antártica.