Successful beach cleaning campaign ends in Hualaihué coast
Published on: 27 December 2023

Out of the total, eight tons of household and industrial waste were recycled, thanks to the joint work of SalmonChile with artisanal fishing, indigenous communities and companies such as Salmones Austral, Camanchaca, Caleta Bay, Cermaq, Multi X and Ventisqueros.

For more than seven years, SalmonChile and its partner companies have launched the “Committed to the Sea” initiative, an unprecedented beach cleaning and coastal recovery program. Along with this, in line with the territorial work with communities of the Hualaihué Coast, and in conjunction with artisanal fishing and indigenous communities, during 2023 a collaborative round table was created to address industrial and household waste present on the coastal edge of this Carretera Austral’s sector.

In this context, between August and December, 21 cleanups were carried out on more than 40 kilometers of coastline, from the town of Cheñue to Puelche, organized by Paz Recycling where more than 70 people participated. The results were more than ten tons of waste removed on nine occasions, recycling about eight tons. Among the companies that supported the initiative are Salmones Austral, Camanchaca, Caleta Bay, Cermaq, Multi X and Ventisqueros.

SalmonChile’s director of communities, Felipe Díaz, said that “we are proud of this initiative and especially of the great results that we have obtained together with the surrounding communities and the companies that were part of this work. For us, as a union, this collaborative instance with an educational and preventive focus is important, putting sustainability at the center of the table”.

On the other hand, founder of Paz Recycling, Romy Osorio, indicated that “for us, it was very important to connect with the communities and we are very happy with the achievements and results of the beach cleanups that were carried out. We hope that by 2024, activities will continue to be carried out with this virtuous connection between everyone”.

“We are very grateful; it has meant a unity of work with the salmon farming companies (…). We hope that many more things will come forward, we started well and we have done a great responsible job”, said the president of the Fotum Lafken Mapu indigenous community, Alberto Huinao.